A Letter from the Superindentent

United States Department of the Interior

Lava Beds National Monument
Tulelake, California 96134

November 12, 1998

To whom it may concern:

The Cave Research Foundation and the Lava Beds Natural History Association are conducting a fund raising campaign to raise $200,000 for the construction of a 1500 square foot research center within Lava Beds National Monument. The completed research center will be donated to the National Park Service for use in conducting research and educational projects in and around the monument.

The campaign has already been successful in obtaining design and engineering services and site preparation work valued at $50,000. The National Park Service will assume expenses associated with future management and operation of the completed center. The Foundation and other supporters are now seeking to raise the remaining $150,000 necessary to construct the facility.

The National Park Service and Lava Beds National Monument wish to express our full support of the research center fund raising campaign and want to encourage support from others. By supporting this fund raising program, donors will be helping to provide a facility that offers long term, on-site support for research projects that foster the protection and preservation of Lava Beds National Monument, the Medicine Lake Highlands and the Tule Lake area. Since its establishment almost seventy-five years ago, Lava Beds National Monument, researchers, university students, public and private educational and scientific organizations and other governmental agencies have not been able to fully document or conduct research on the unique natural and cultural resources of the region. Many research efforts must take place elsewhere or, if initiated, are often abandoned due to the absence of facilities, high research costs or the inefficiencies of conducting research from great distances. A research center located within Lava Beds National Monument will fill a significant void in the monument's ability to attract and support legitimate researchers and educational organizations. It will provide a productive environment to work in, provide many long term benefits and lead to other opportunities.

The National Park Service and Lava Beds National Monument enthusiastically welcome this opportunity and want to encourage participation from a wide range of private, business and educational organizations. We appreciate your support in carrying out programs for the protection and preservation of the nation's precious natural and cultural resources.



Craig W. Dorman
Lava Beds National Monument

Who Supports this Campaign?

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On April 16, 1998, The Cave Research Foundation, the Lava Beds Natural History Association, and the The National Park Service at Lava Beds National Monument, entered into a Memorandum of Agreement "For Capital FundRaising Campaign and Design and Construction of a Lava Beds Research Center."

The Cave Research Foundation (CRF) has been working in the monument since 1989. Projects have included locating caves and placing GPS markers at their entrances, mapping of numerous caves, developing and implementing a cave inventory protocol, setting up a photo monitoring project, and monitoring ice levels in the caves.

The Lava Beds Natural History Association was established in 1965 to aid and promote the educational and scientific activities of the National Park Service. As a non-profit organization authorized by Congress, it makes interpretive material available to park visitors by sale or free distribution. The NHA provides books and other merchandise available for sale at the monument Visitor Center, funds the lantern program that provides free lights and helmets to cave visitors, and brings student volunteers to work at the monument each summer. All net proceeds support the interpretive and research programs of the National Park Service.

Additional Supporters

The National Speleological Society

Institute of Archeology, California State University, Sacramento

The California Bat Conservation Fund

National Parks Foundation

About the Lava Beds Research Center Web Site: This site is hosted for the Cave Research Foundation by Periwinkle Computer Consulting. Send your comments, problem reports and suggestions to contact@labe-research-center.org. The photographs on the site have been supplied by Bill Frantz, Peri Frantz, Brad Mason, Janet Sowers, John Tinslsy, and the NPS, and are copyrighted to CRF and the individual photogrphers.

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