Gala Celebration Planned

The Lava Beds Capital Campaign wishes to extend its sincere thanks to all of the donors who are helping make this vision a reality. Without your support we could only continue to dream.

As a token of our appreciation, the Capital Campaign will hold a gala dinner to dedicate the Research Center when it is completed. Everyone contributing at the Contributor Level or above will be invited.

Donors who have earned their place on the "Dripstone Wall" are noted with a *. Join them by making your donation today.

Kristen Ankiewicz*

Chuck Lee

Ray & Gale Beach

Pete Lindsley

Jane Beckman

Bruce Loeb

Evelyn Billo & Robert Mark

Gail McCoy & Tom Mathey

Sarah Bishop*

Roger McClure*

John Blum

David & Janet McClurg

Peter & Ann Bosted

Richard Minert

Doug Bradford

John Moreno

Bill Broeckel

Roger & Amanda Mortimer*

Glen Butcher

Robert & Ginger Mudry*

Paul Cannaley*

K. Michael & Julie Nolan

Janice Chainey

Brent Ort

Joan Chaplick*

Glenn Osburn

Chuck Chavderian

Bill Papke*

Ernie Coffman

Chuck Pease*

Michael Cooper

Amy Ponsetti*

Magdalena Dale

Merrilee Proffitt

Veda DePaepe

Christopher Richard*

Joel Despain

Bruce Rogers &
  Pat Helton*

Bill Devereaux*

Barbara & Steve Ruble

Jan Hemberger &
  Philip Diblasi

Marianne Russo &
  Jerald Johnson*

Craig Dorman

Barbara Schaefer*

Fred Douglas*

Mark Scott

Peter Druschke

Ilene & Richard Sheng

Cheryl Early & Richard Maxey*

Kay Sides

Lynn Fielding &
  Bart Rowlett*

Stan Sides

Anne Frantz*

Terry & Susan Silva*

Bill & Peri Frantz*

Mike Sims

Joe & Pat Garner

Frances Sowers*

Eric Goodill & Jody McGeen*

Janet Sowers & Jerry Horn*

Robert & Malla Gordon*

Mike Spiess & Pat Witt*

Morley & Lorell Hardaker

Michael Sutton &
  Sue Hagen

Russ & Liz Harter

Lisa Tesler*

Robert "Martin" Haye &
  Daniel Snyder*

Carol Tiderman

Larry Hearne

John & Marilyn Tinsley*

Iris Heusler

Richard Toomey

Jim Hildebrand &
  Joan Kusek

Mike Wang

Charlie Hotz

Red & Patty Jo Watson*

Scott & Patti House

David West*

John Irminger

Karen Willmes*

Lynne Jesaitis

Jim Wilson

Patty Kambesis

Loren & Barbara Wilson

David Kuhnel

Richard Zopf*

Jim & Claire Lakner*

Corporate & Institutional Donors

CRF Board of Directors*

Diablo Grotto

Hambrecht & Quist*


Mother Lode Grotto*

San Diego Grotto

San Francisco Bay Chapeter of the NSS*

San Joaquin Valley Grotto

Western Region of the NSS*

Frozen in Time

When hot gases flow through an existing lava tube, they melt the surfaces creating a glass like glazing. This example of reglazing is in Post Office Cave, which is closed to the general public to protect both it and would be explorers.

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