Please Keep Those Donations Coming In

Even though construction of the Research Center is complete, we'd appreciate your help with the final details. We'd like to equip the center with some basic scientific instuments such as a microscope and a centrifuge, and to supplement the furnishing the Monument is supplying, In addition, there is still about $25,000 in loans to repay.

If you'd ike to help, please download a donation form and send it, along with your check, to

Lava Beds Natural

History Association

Attn: Kim Kirby

Box 867

Tulelake, CA 96134



Earn Your Place on the Dripstone Wall

There's still time earn your place on the "Dripstone Wall". The "Dripstone Wall" will thank and honor those who have donated at least $500 towards the center. Donors are recognized at the following levels.















Donations are Tax Deductible

The Lava Beds Natural History Association is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations to the Lava Beds Research Center are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Private Tours for Potential Donors

Are you contemplating a substantial donation, but can't quite make up your mind? Come experience the wonders of Lava Beds for youself, and see why we are so committed to this project. A park naturalist will introduce you to the wonders of places like Captain Jack's Stronghold, Mammoth Crater, and Skull Ice Cave. Contact Superintendent Craig Dorman at (503) 667-2282 to schedule your private tour.

Anne Frantz took her thank-you tour Mother's day, 2000. You can share her experience. Or become a major donor, and get your own tour.

Other Donors

Furnishings Needed

The building may be complete, but the interior is still somewhat bare. The park has supplied a few basics, but there's still a number of things that would enhance the comfort and utility of the center. If you can donate any of the following items, in good condition, please contact us at <>. All donations will be subject to review for suitability.

File Cabinets

Map Drawer Cabinets

Dining Table & Chairs

9X12 Area Rug

Slide Projector & Screen

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